No Song is Safe From Us

No Song Is Safe From Us - The NYFOS Blog
 |  Tuesday Rupp

I have always loved the old bible story about the three wise men following a star that leads them to a humble manger and the baby inside of it, trusting in wisdom of the universe, written in the language of the stars, to lead them to something far beyond anything they would ever expect. You can really imagine how much improvising, and how much trust, would be needed to start a journey like that, and believe that their humble destination was really what they had been looking for.

 |  Mikaela Bennett

I am a huge fan of Nancy Wilson. The timbre and versatility of her voice is incredible. I love the energy and spirit she brings to this incredibly unique version of this song. “On the Street Where You Live” from the musical My Fair Lady (with music by Frederick Loewe) was originally sung as a ballad by a man, but Nancy Wilson ups the tempo, adds some jazz, and makes it her own!

 |  Laura Lee Everett

Influenced by Bulgarian and Turkish street rhythms that they experienced while on a State Department tour of Eurasia, Brubeck and Desmond played with incorporating the 9/8 syncopation and minor keys they heard while overseas. It is sexy, flirty, sultry music, where you can almost see the lights dim, the room fill with smoke, and here the rocks clinking in the cocktail coming your way. But did you know the song had sultry lyrics to match the tune?

 |  Steven Blier

Steven Blier is back to curate Song of the Day this week!   November always turns out to be a four-sided deadline crunch: the Juilliard program is due, we’re putting the final touches on next season’s casting and touring dates, the Schubert/Beatles program looms, a fundraiser letter needs to be produced by the end of […]

 |  Joe Nocera

Today’s Song of the Day selection comes from New York Times columnist Joe Nocera: When Native Dancer was first released in 1974, it was marketed as a Wayne Shorter album. That made a certain undeniable sense: an alumnus of one of Miles Davis’s greatest groups (it also included Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and Ron Carter), Shorter was by […]