No Song is Safe From Us

No Song Is Safe From Us - The NYFOS Blog
 |  Paul Appleby

As long as I have been paying attention to the Pulitzer Prize in music, I have valued it for the attention it provides to American composers who spend careers toiling in obscurity to create genuinely new pieces of music. And yes, I am most certainly chauvinistic and self-interested in this because I choose to make performing new music a central part of the work of my career. But I have made that decision because I truly believe that in order for the body and culture of classical music to continue to grow, adapt, and speak to our time in our time, we must support composers and their works in whatever way we can.

 |  Sam Grosby

A little over a year ago, transgender Americans were granted the right to serve openly as such in the U.S. Military. This was a decision that allowed an estimated 2,500 people the freedom to be themselves. Following the repeal of this decree four days ago, I felt it necessary to share just one more selection by Ted Hearne.

 |  Sam Grosby

Today’s selection comes from Ted Hearne’s 2015 composition Coloring Book. He describes the work as such: “I set the words of three great black American writers of different generations (Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, Claudia Rankine) in texts dealing with identity, not because I could ever pretend to speak for them, but because I wanted to know: Could I better understand their words by speaking them in my own voice?

 |  Michael Barrett

from Michael Barrett: On Feb. 4, at NYFOS Next, composer Ted Hearne was on hand to sing two of his songs, “Intimacy and Resistance” and “Protection”. These songs have popular “easy rock” qualities on the surface. Their root position chords and steady pulse set you up for what you think will be a beautiful pop […]